Excerpt: A message of hope

From the last chapter, titled Final Words, in THE DIFFERENCE MAKER:

“Mom, when I passed, you went to the aspect of life that feels hopeless… you allowed yourself to experience that and let go of everything and say…

“’I’m not going to do a damned thing. I’m going to embrace what this hopelessness is, because I can’t jump past it and pretend it’s okay. It’s not okay. There is a side of life that is absolutely hopeless, and, God, you have to show up for us in that hopelessness, and I’m here in that hopelessness, wanting you to show up with me and for me, because humanity needs you to show up in that place of hopelessness now, because that seems to be running the show. That seems to be the all-pervasive power here, and we’re not going along with it anymore. We can’t, please help me. Show me. Help me to experience the transcendence that we can [back] to life, from that place of hopelessness, because so much of the world is in that hopelessness.

“‘So, I’m here. I know what it feels like. I’m relating to them. It feels like ‘Why do anything? It doesn’t matter.’ Why transcend when you take two steps and you’re knocked back down. Or why birth a child into existence only to have to let go of them and not be able to see them fulfill their life? Why come here with all this brilliance and transcendence, and yet what controls this world wants to suppress it and rip it apart… and cover it and make evil appear like the way to go… and when does it change? When does it actually change? When do we get to see the results?’

“And so it’s perfect, because in the extreme polarity, when it seems like we’re already headed for extinction, [there’s an] agreement to reemerge from your own divine authority, except that God is reminding you that you will never be alone… now imparting [this] at an accelerated rate… many on earth are not from the original blueprint of God… message will reach those from the true organic source Mother Father God… moving into the vibration of love… God spark God power within them… restore… move through inertia to the other side of this suffering… even in helplessness, all humanity will be fulfilled in their destinies in this time of great change. God is present in all hearts, needs no intercession… Realm of Cause…”

I received this message 1-1/2 years before the pandemic began and was prompted to start writing a book for young people. The worries my son, Neil, faced five years ago – environmental, social and health challenges – have intensified for many of today’s youth, yet the lessons Neil left behind are all the more relevant. THE DIFFERENCE MAKER is a collection of stories written to help guide young people through a world of suffering to where they can step into their own great power. While the journey requires faith, courage and perseverance, the rewards are purpose, fulfillment and a realization of the highest form of love. I urge young people “to claim your inner wisdom and strength, to remember to view your life as a story with a higher purpose, and to take a conscious hand in writing that story.

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Get in touch with me – storywalkerwendy@gmail.com.

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