Re Verse

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 – I directed an inquiry to the Assistant Rector of St. Luke’s, and he replied, “The Book of Ecclesiastes is an Apochryphal Book. It has never been included in the canon.” Apocryphal means of doubtful authorship or authenticity; hence fictitious or false. It is derived from the Greek word apokryphos, which means hidden, concealed, obscure. Perhaps the wide variations in text created the doubt in the book’s authenticity. Then again, the entire bible had always struck me as full of obscure meaning. Surely, the angels were enjoying this game with me.


Providence. Providence is aptly defined as the foreseeing care and guidance, of God, or Nature, over the creatures of the earth. The word is derived from Providentia, the divine feminine personification of a virtue celebrated in the art and literature of ancient Roman culture. More specifically, Providentia represented “the knowledge of things that are good or bad or neither.” She was the embodiment of Wisdom.

This heaven-sent challenge of verse, word play and political intrigue prompted me to dwell upon a new order. I thought about the divine feminine and the gradual spiritual reawakening of our connection to Mother Earth. This idea of a new order embraces the process of breaking the hold of modern patriarchal systems of control – from John Brown and the King of England to the current industrial military complex – and overturning the prevailing economic worldview that disavows this sacred interconnection of all life and the free will of all individuals. So many people fear for the survival of Earth, as many of mankind’s large corporations continue to pollute the waters and deforest vast areas of land, all in the pursuit of world market dominance and false profits.

This is a dim picture of the world is slowly becoming more illuminated. The shedding of more light allows these dark problems to be seen, studied and corrected. There is great purpose in identifying, understanding and solving small problems and large ones. As people take positive, conscious and wise action in their spheres of interest and influence, collectively they will help Earth revert to a healthier more balanced state. As more and more people envision a kinder, more just and sensible order, the simple acts of imagining and engaging will tip the scales.

Reflecting on all this, I felt at liberty to pen my own pentameter verse of Ecclesiastes 2:6 for a new age.

Regardless of dogma and the authenticity of religious works, and regardless of God’s gender, faith is about trusting a higher power to provide for both Earth’s and Humanity’s collective well-being. On the one hand this relies on the ability to let go and let God, and on the other hand this relies on human being’s growing ability to connect with their angel guides’ higher levels of intelligence. Read more

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